Brandlesholme Community Centre & Foodbank is the main trading name of the Brandlesholme Community Centre charity (Reg: 1185219) (aka BCC). 

BCC currently or formally trades under the name of:

Brandlesholme Community Centre

Brandlesholme Alliance 




People's Voice Community Group

Brandlesholme Foodbank

The trading names, such as those which are used on branding for the charity and are familiar to service users and those which are not currently used, are all reserved by the charity and by defacto, the board of Trustees.

The Logo (Brenda and Brad, reaching for the stars) is permitted to be used by Brandlesholme Community Group (TRA) on a short term basis (Until 31 Dec 2020).

0161 797 7366

375b Brandlesholme Rd, Bury BL8 1HS, UK

©2020 by Brandlesholme Community Centre (Reg Charity No. 1185219).

See Branding for further info.